Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is Why

'Why keep the church open when nobody comes?' -Summer visitor.

"This is why" said Suzanne as we all sat together remembering a friend. Not an employee of a service provider. Not a delivery person. A part of the community. We gathered as we gather when there are other losses, weddings, holidays. We gather as a community the likes of which I've experienced nowhere else. There is shared experience, hardship, aggravation, conflict, disagreement, joy, celebration. Shared. We are not hermetically sealed off from neighbors, knowing more about Jennifer Aniston's acquaintances than we know of our own. We shared unrehearsed and unpolished thoughts of our friend, Don. We sang. We prayed. We gave three cheers.

The same thisiswhy is why we tolerate the vicious weather, constant unpredictability, financial precariousness and isolation. The ass-kicking. We do it because the rest of american culture seems deadened by factory food, cubicle jobs, antidepressants and a thousand other life-sucking blandifications.

We live. It's not safe. It's messy. This is why.

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  1. Matinicus handled the death of one of your own the way a community would long ago. Most flatlanders let "the professionals" handle the messy, scary parts of life. No wonder we are so out of touch. Keep it real Nat! Thinking of you all. Hugs.