Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer 2012 is.......on!

Maybe it was the 80 degree days in March, or the near total absence of snowfall. Maybe the water temperature was off its normal track as much as the atmosphere. The lobsters have acted very differently this year. Many of them molted and shed in May instead of July. Then we had a sluggish, cool and rainy late spring and early summer and many other lobsters are now just arriving and settling.

Whatever the climate and the odd migratory patterns of those magnificent crustaceans, they are here and have brought summer to the island, complete with its kaleidoscope of pre-dawn starts to the workday, parties, music, runaway lawns, summer fix-up jobs, predictable southwest breezes in the afternoon and a fighting chance to undo the financial damage of last winter.

Here's a little bit on summer, $2 bills- now I'll notice if they smell like baby oil- and a new song.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to Work

After a week of poor weather and other commitments, today was a lovely day on the water. After 10 hours on the boat, I finished a real estate transaction, dealt with some tax stuff, cleaned up the kitchen and now it's 8:26 PM.