Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wind Power- Good or Evil?

Owing to exhaustion from hauling my own gear, sea testing myself and the boat, and setting 70 of Clayton's, I have to stick to the basics. I can't think of much in the way of good storytelling or life lessons. Today Sweet Pea and I were out a couple of times. I did haul a very few pots and caught a very few lobsters. Mostly, I tried to get used to handling the boat, breaking traps and dealing with The Wind. My new companion. The Pod slides along very nicely, patiently teaching me to row. When the southwest breeze puts a big shimmer on the water, I get a memorable lesson in hydro and aerodynamics. If one end is lighter, it must go downwind. Why did I not know this? Before I figured it out, there were 15 or so very tense minutes where I thought something was spinning me around just to torment. The rest of the expedition was spent trying to figure out where to put everything- oars, gaff, bait, measure, lobsters, trap, radio, accessories.

The terror and embarassment of going onto the open ocean in a jolly breeze and a petit-pod, hauling traps up hand over hand, getting them aboard and back overboard, clawing my way back to the harbor, skiff-jumping, tying up, swapping this and that from one boat to another- all of the jitters and gawkiness of doing this the first time will abate some, I hope. There were a few instants where I could just enjoy the beauty of the linseed/pinetar/turpentine ribs and planks of the curved interior of the boat and outside of that, the ocean.

I'm sure I amused and scared all those who watched. Sorry, Donna. I am home writing this, so that's good. Good night.

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